What is the inner critic? Also called an inner judge or superego, this is the part of you that habitually attacks, judges, criticizes, shames, and blames yourself and others. It's the voice that says, “You should be better than this,” with the implication that there is something…
Responding to Fear and Uncertainty with Love and Hope
“Hey hey, ho ho, the patriarchy has got to go,” fifty of us chant as we march past the Eugene Saturday Market. We are protesting the new abortion law…
This is Alchemy with Alex, a newsletter about how we can feel our way to a world that is safe and loving.
Sometimes I and other people isolate ourselves with a subtle force-field of protection. Usually, this operates on an unconscious level… Continue reading…
Judgment: She’s so unreliable. Continue reading on Medium »
Withdrawing or Withholding? Continue reading on Medium »
Understanding this pattern will help you navigate trauma: Trigger → Dissociation → Aversion / Craving → Cry / Feel Deeply → Integration Continue reading…
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